Introduction : 

Bio Behavior Capture System (BBCS)  is a  system that can be easily deployed at homes, clinics, laboratories and therapy centers in order to help its users collecting relevant behaviour of interest over long periods of time to get a deeper understanding of them. This system captures behaviour of interest using multiple cameras alongside biological signals, such as heart rate, in a synchronized manner, allowing the user to analyze visible and invisible characteristics of behaviour. BBCS is intended to be an “everywhere / anywhere” system, so it allows the user to annotate, comment and control the system in situ. Since BBCS can store weeks of data it was designed to allows quick browsing and filtering week’s worth of data to get to specific moments of interest.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.46.41 am

Figure : Information Flow in BBCS

As an example of a potentially interesting deployment scenario, we could mention the houses of families with individual(s) on the Autism Spectrum. Using this system would enable parents and researchers to obtain lots of data in their natural environment. We would be bringing the Lab home.

Role : As Graduate Research Assistant under Prof. Gregory D. Abowd I was responsible for :
1.Designing Database Architecture (SQLite, JDBC) of Base Station for storage of videos and write Spring API to allow access of videos saved in the base station through internal wifi network.

Figure 1 : Basic Technology Stack

2. Design and Development of android tablet app which can be used by parents to set recording schedules, view the video recorded, flag inappropriate part of the video and delete them. Thus maintaining user privacy in their private space. Collaborated with team at Northwestern University.

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Figure 2 :  mobile connecting to secure ad‐hoc wireless network of  the base station.

2 review-comparison

3 flagged

Figure 3 : Review and Flag moment screenshot.

3. Pilot User study : Setup the recording system at homes and got feedback from parents on the usability of Tablet Interface for recording and maintaining privacy etc.

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